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Over the last 40 years the group has developed a team of strong and dedicated managers who assist the directors in achieving the group vision.

We specialize in construction of large scale commercial and residential properties and have developed spaces over 40 years which have become major landmarks inAhmedabad. The group has developed many
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Shri Chimanbhai J Agrawal and Shri Nandlal J Agrawal are the Chairmans of the group. They are the first generation entrepreneurs and are very respected and well known names in the construction business in Gujarat for more than 4 decades.

They are also known for their charity work and upliftment of the underprivileged of the society.

Assisted by their sons Shri Sanjaybhai C Agrawal and Shri Kunal N Agrawal respectively - are young entrepreneurs who bring modernization and new concepts to the business with innovative and revolutionary thinking.

  • Shri Chimanbhai J Agrawal

  • Shri Nandlal J Agrawal

  • Shri Sanjaybhai C Agrawal

  • Shri Kunal N Agrawal

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